Thursday, May 24, 2007

the BEST our of IP
some of you may be very familiar with what I'm trying to say
damn we lost to RJC in all the finals this year, everything
you know what, IP was supposed to "retain the CCA talents" in our own school and to allow the students to carry on with their passion so that they "get better at it"
yeah right
almost all the A division boys we got something like 4th?
what the hell lah I think IP made us all complacent
people still playing com every day after school, they indeed benefit form IP
with all that direct school admission shit, 4th? what a joke
prepare yourselves for more jokes when A level results are released next March
I'm really looking forward to it

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9:11 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ok I shall revive my blog
this place had been rather dead since end of last year
too busy, or too lazy? nvm shall post more often here

jts, lolz not bad lah at least I had fun budden personally I would have preferred sakae sushi or chin huat live seafood.
the place where we had our meal, not bad. the bread, can let HDB use to build flats, the steak, might as well call it fried fats.
hopefully we can have another outing soon, the food not important. most importantly, must tell a lot of "war stories"

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7:02 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007


inspired by the name, that's how I entered the bodybuilding world
tonight, some 5 hours ago, that superman music was played for me, for me alone, in a majestic auditorium
and I posed to it
it was my first free-posing
and I got 4th

I was thrashed bad in muscle war
I may not have gotten over it
but now there is no need to
because what bodybuilding has given me
far exceeds what the trophy or glory mean to me
to me, bodybuilding shaped my body, as well as my character, and not forget my heart
winning or losing doesn't mean too much to me now
because in the process of pursuing that dream, I've won everything

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1:32 AM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

holiday training for the ranger boy
here's how a typical day goes

0600-0700 -> wake up, do aerobics for 30-60 minutes, cool down plus stretching
0700-0710 -> wash up
0710-0730 -> meal 1 {3 eggs with yolk, 100g cooked oatmeal, 200g chicken meat}
0730-0930 -> mug, mug
0930-0915 -> meal 2 {4 slices wholemeal, 3 slices ham, 1-2 slices cheese}
0915-0930 -> break
0930-1130 -> mug, mug, and cups {yummy protein shake at 1030}
1130-1145 -> break
1145-1200 -> meal 3 {4 slices wholemeal, 3 slices ham, 1-2 slices cheese}
1200-1600 -> workout (time for travel and wash up included) {meal 4, post-workout supplementation: 35g ON whey, 9g amino acid, 60g dextrose[D-glucose]}
1600-1800 -> mug, mug
1800-1900 -> slack for a while, get sister back from school, dinner {depends on what mom cooks, will get a shake if mom cooks unhealthy meal}
1900-2100 -> mug, mug
2100-2200 -> wash up, prepare the stuff for next day
2200 onwards, will try to sleep by 2200

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9:28 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the army goes shooting

last friday, the rangers from the mighty prestigious 7B army went shooting at bukit timah rifle range
we took turns to take down orange flying discs of diameter approximately 10cm with our 24mm rounds, each containing 300 deadly pellets
marksmen of the day goes to Captain Wolf and Kaidon who has been promoted to 2Lt.
each returned with at least a couple of kills and some clay discs as souvenirs

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7:53 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

30 之最
yay... 3 down, 2 more to go! cleared my chemistry paper today, damn song, all on organic chem! haha heng arh I studied a lot of organic chem, hopefully can do well this time.
damn, I got like 26.5/80 for my block test, and after putting in a lil effort I got 25/35 for the following lecture test. why can' I just be a mugger and put in all my effort to study?
wells. I thought of something pretty random, 30之最!
1 最爱的食物:ham and cheese! high 5 man!
2 最爱的运动:健身 there's no other sport in this world man
3 最爱的女人:母亲大人
4 最爱的女孩:妹妹
5 最喜欢的TV Serial: 小宝与康熙
6 最信任的人:魏来
7 最崇拜的athlete: Michael Johnson
8 最心怀感激的人:邱老师
9 最好的朋友:erh... 我一视同仁啦
10 最喜欢的休闲:围棋
11 最崇拜的演员:Sylvester Stallone
12 最常说的一句话:Use your brain can?
13 最讨厌的人:伪人
14 最喜欢的电影:Independence Day or Rocky III
15 最喜欢的歌:倔强(中文) This Love (英文)
16 最难忘的一件事:被车撞出去六七米远,鲜血喷个不停 =S
17 最喜欢的Manga: 铁拳小子
18 最喜欢的Anime: ヒカルの碁
19 最想去的地方:北京、Vancouver
20 最喜欢的一个字:忍
21 最喜欢的两个字:魏来
22 最喜欢的三个字:邪无思
23 最喜欢的三个四个字:自强不息、深奥幽玄、得心应手
24 最喜欢的水果:西瓜
25 最喜欢的地方:我的房间
26 最怪的习惯:喜欢在紧要关头做一些莫名奇妙的事,例如我昨天才刚刚把房间的家具乾坤大挪移了一番,然后玩了俩钟头的AOE III, that game rocks man! tuck tuck tuck!
27 最自信的优点:聪明、悟性好、上进
28 最不自信的缺点:倔强、傲慢、冷酷
29 最自信的body part: lattisimus dorsi, trapezius
30 最不自信的body part: pectoralis major... na bei there's nothing there, just fats

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7:37 PM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

hail to the mighty army
hail to the 7B army, the strongest army in school
consist of elite members, well trained in CHS to attain brutal killing techniques
armed with nothing, but one common goal
annihilate the world of germs, kill rats who spread these germs
our aim, achieve a world free of rats, free of LJ

here is a list of members

Private - kaidon
Corporal - teeteehoww
Lance Corporal - mossad
Second Seargent - falcon
Master Seargent - trigger
Lieutenant - rabbit
Captain - T-Rex

to all rats out there, prepare for war, prepare to die

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7:16 PM